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Registered Charity No. 1073903
Casa Alianza Guatemala - Mothers and Babies Programme

An International Charity Dedicated to Street Children

Casa Alianza is an international, non-governmental organisation dedicated to the rehabilitation and defence of street children in Honduras, Nicaragua, Mexico and Guatemala.

We work with approximatley 10,000 street children a year most of whom have been orphaned, abused or abandoned and are further traumatised by the indifference of the societies in which they live.

Founded in 1981 in an uncompromising environment of violent conflict and intolerable human rights abuses rampant in Latin America in the early 1980s, Casa Alianza has grown from a refuge for displaced Guatemalan children into an international award-winning organisation working on behalf of street children.

We offer street children shelter, food, medical care, protection, guidance, respect and love. Casa Alianza began as a place where forgotten children could escape from loneliness, hunger, drugs, poverty, sexual exploitation, trafficking, emotional starvation, physical abuse and extreem violence. Thirty years later, our work continues but we have grown to become a lot more. Casa Alianza actively defends children’s rights and has become the leading advocacy agency for children at risk in the America’s with the support of Covenant House.

In addition to the four programme offices in Latin America, three offices in Europe (Germany, Switzerland and the UK) support Casa Alianza programmes and campaigns.

Recognition of our work

In 1996, Casa Alianza received the Swedish Olaf Palme Award for the organisations “dedicated work to help street children in Guatemala, Honduras and Mexico" and “for the courageous defence of the rights of these children". The International Award for Children’s Rights followed this in 1999 from the International Bureau for Children’s Rights in Montreal, Canada. The award was for Casa Alianza’s “outstanding contribution in the defence of children’s rights“ and was awarded by the Honourable Andree Ruffo and Pierre Dionne, the President and Director General respectively.

In 2000, Casa Alianza was awarded the Conrad N Hilton Humanitarian Award. The award begun by the Conrad N Hilton Foundation in 1996 was the largest humanitarian award in the world and recognises “extraordinary contributions towards the alleviation of human suffering". This was the first time that the prize had gone to a Latin American organisation. The prize money was used to expand our services in Nicaragua.

In September 2007, the Casa Alianza Guatemala Drug Rehabilitation Programme was unanimously awarded the 6th Latin American, Red Cross Queen Sofía of Spain Prize.

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