About Casa Alianza

Street children across Latin America are some of the most inspirational individuals you will ever meet.

In Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Mexico, with your support we help some 10,000 children every year who have been left to fend for themselves in circumstances that would test the physical and emotional resilience of any sane, well-adjusted adult.

Children who have been orphaned, abandoned and abused. Forced to scavenge in fetid rubbish dumps to find a makeshift meal. Children who have been betrayed and sold as sex slaves , and who have never known their real name.

We give them the practical things they urgently need – physical shelter, food, medical help – as well as the psychological guidance that’s essential for them to make their way forward in life.

But we don’t just combat the physical problems of street children on the ground in these countries. Casa Alianza actively defends children’s human rights at an international level – we’re the leading advocacy agency for children at risk in the Americas, with the support of Covenant House.

Casa Alianza in the UK

Compelled to action following the 1991 documentary They Shoot Children, Don’t They?, we began as a small volunteer group supporting the Casa Alianza street children programmes in Latin America.

A non-profit organisation, Casa Alianza UK became a registered charity in 1999. Then as now, we are committed to raising funds to support our programme partners in Latin America and raising awareness of the ongoing problems faced by street children everywhere.

We invite you to meet our team of staff and trustees, and find out more about the countries and contexts in which we work.    

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