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United Kingdom
Registered Charity No. 1073903
Change a street childs life this Christmas

Casa Alianza

Casa Alianza has developed a five stage core programme that starts on the streets and ends in kids having a home and hope for the future.

We start with street outreach and pre-community work with homeless children and young people and then offer access to crisis centres, transition homes and finally group homes. We currently work with over 10,000 children each year and have over 2,000 children in our residential care programmes.

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About Street Children

Separated from their families many street children end up sleeping rough in darkened alleys, frozen shop doorways, underground water systems and on rubbish dumps. They are often numb with cold, terrified - some will be beaten, abused and killed. For many street children each day is just another day to endure and survive. That is ... unless they come to Casa Alianza.

For many homeless children we are the only place to go where they can be safe and away from the hostile, dangerous streets that are no place for an adult let alone vulnerable and defenceless children. We offer sanctuary, safety, a clean warm bed to sleep in, hot nutritious food and most important of all ... hope and an option to leave the streets once and for all and with our help build a future.

We have an open door policy; no child is ever turned away. We respond to their immediate needs and provide guidance, support and residential care 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and encourage them to stay with us and leave the streets behind.

Our crisis centres operate well beyond capacity and this year, with the harsh economic reality, we know that we will somehow have to cope with even more homeless children. Whenever the economy is bad - when families struggle to put food on the table ... sometimes it all breaks down and all too often children end up on the streets. We need to reach more homeless children and urgently need your help.

Whilst we may think that we are having a tough time with the economic downturn, the harsh reality is that in the Countries where we work record numbers of families and children are forced out to the margins of survival – the need and call to help has never been greater.

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